a Crocodile, a Scooter, and Bromo WIP

Here the work in progress of my "a Crocodile, a Scooter, and Bromo". I am usng Paint Tool SAI to create this piece. Photoshop used for text and color correction only. But if you use photoshop instead of Paint Tool SAI, the steps is basicly the same.
1. First, I do rough sketch. This sketch show how the Character pose and layout look good.
2. I continue to inking the sketch. I use Pen in SAI or use hard round brush in Photoshop.
3. Block image with base color. I use different layer each piece. Such as: line layer, Block Layer, Shade layer, effect layer, etc. Using separated layer will easing you exspecially when you like to select some area of your image. For ekample I wabt to change shade direction of the Crocodile's Skin only: so I select the skin from block layer and then I move to shade layer to change the shadow direction without rushing the other part except the skin.
4. I create new layer named Shade Layer. This layer is copied from block layer. I specify the light source, for this piece the light source is located on top left. Then I add basic shading to this layer.
5. Still in shade layer, I blend the shading more smooth by using brush tool. I also use "alt" shortcut to pick the nearet color i use at blending.
6. I add some effect on "effect layer". The number of effect layer is based on your needs. Here, I use 3 effect layer. They are: Glow layer (overlay mode layer - I use soft-round brush with light color for giving the glow layer to the some part of scooter), Crocodile texture layer (Multiply mode layer - I add dark green colored spotts using hard round brush), and Crocodile's chest layer (Overlay mode layer - light yellow colored using hard round brush).
7. The character is done. Now I move to the background. Remember to use the different layer, it helps for the future when the composition is not good, you can easily move the character to get the better composition. Back to the background, I create some block and then shade it. Basicly the steps is same to the character but this time without creating line. It gives the "animation look" where the line is for character only.
8. I add Shade for the background.
9. I continue working on the clouds...
10. ... and the Bromo Mountain.
11. Add layer effect to the Background. A light layer (overlay mode layer - you can see it on top left of the background) and a fog layer (normal mode layer but I decrease the opacity to make it transparent)
12. I add the street's fence and some birds flying at the background.
13. Don't forget the shading of character to the backgroud! I use multiply mode layer and decrease the opacity.
14. I move to photoshop to do some color correction. I use "ctrl + alt + shift + e" to merge the layers to a new layer without loosing the other layer. Then I copy the mergered layer and change it color using color balance. I made it warmer by changing to more yellow-red ish. Then I decrease the opacity of this "color-corection" layer to get the nice effect. And Voilla! It's done.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Sorry for my bad english. :D



  1. I love the last step, your drawn is wonderful !

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