Make others smile when they see his works

Loved drawing since childhood and began his debut as a professional illustrator in the mid-2007, becoming one of the illustrators for Vandaria Wars Trading Card Game (Zigma Magazine). As his name started to be recognized, he began working on several projects such as storybooks, magazine covers, and some freelance illustrations. His in-house work experience at the illustration studio Helliger Studio (2010-2011) made his work more mature. 

Some of his works were selected for compilation artbooks featuring international artists, including Megaman Tribute Artbook (Udon Ent. & Capcom, 2011), Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Tribute Art (Capcom, 2012), World of Warcraft Tribute (Udon Ent. & Blizzard Ent., 2013), and Capcom Fighting Tribute Artbook (Udon Ent. & Capcom, 2015). In 2016, he won the Malang City Mascot competition organized by Bappeda Malang. Decorative, detailed, and cartoony styles are distinctive features that are always present in his works. 

His goal and hope in creating art are quite simple: to make others smile when they see his works.